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capturing colour: exploring the world of natural dyes

capturing colour: exploring the world of natural dyes
online workshop instructed by Kassandra Walters 

April 15, 2023
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

a workshop on the basics of natural dyeing using items that are easily accessible. participants are encouraged to experiment with dye materials found around their homes, neighbourhoods and even in their compost bins. you will learn the steps to achieve an array of colours from how to choose materials, the mordanting process, preparing your dye bath and finally overdyeing. the purpose of this 2-hour workshop is to give you the fundamentals to go out and explore colour found in the world around you.

material packages as well as extended material lists will be available for pick up at Neutral Ground. Once registered please visit us the week prior to the workshop date to retrieve your materials.

(note: you will receive a link to the zoom meeting following payment)

If workshop fees are prohibiting your ability to participate please email us at

online workshop:capturing colour: exploring the world of natural
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