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Membership Residency Call

Membership Residency Call Now Open | DEADLINE APRIL 2

Window Gallery Call

Call For Window Gallery Proposals Now Open | DEADLINE  MAY 15

Gallery Information:


The gallery is equipt with adjustable clip lights and gallery-quality LED bulbs.

-PAR20 LAMP 50W – Warmth: 4000k Angle: 30 degrees
-TCP Elite 65W Halogen (LED)  Warmth: 4100k Angle: 60 degrees

A/V Equipment:

Exhibiting artists have priority access to all of Neutral Ground’s available audio-visual equipment. We have a range of projectors, media players, video monitors and speakers available. Please enquire with staff for more information and a list of available equipment.

Gallery Infrastructure & Support:

The gallery has a modest selection of plinths, shelves and other support systems (projection screens etc.)  Whenever possible, artists are expected to install their own work. Neutral Ground provides basic tools, paint and other materials for installation. Programming staff can provide assistance with basic installation needs for exhibiting artists. For more complex installations, an external preparator or carpenter can be brought in, pending available resources.

Artists should be aware of available resources when proposing more ambitious installations and interventions in the space. Reach out to programming staff in advance for more information about the feasibility of your proposal.

Main Gallery Floorplan

Window Gallery Floorplan