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Window Gallery: Total Sunshower

Window Gallery:
Total Sunshower
Hea R. Kim
November 25 – January 6| 2023/24

Total Sunshower offers a glimpse into an environment frozen at a point of transformation. Kim attempts to construct utopian landscapes ripe with mystery, beauty, and play, which simultaneously reveal their composition from material waste, and represent the path of a planet in a climate crisis, grotesque and morphing from the results of human impact. The processes and materials Kim uses to speak of the desire for a sustainable practice and meaningful change in the ways that engage with the Earth. The work consists of various sculptures ranging from ceramics to paper and fabric formations that have been constructed with everyday materials collected from thrift stores and recycling organizations in Montreal.

Drawing inspiration from her childhood and diasporic experiences, South Korean cultural heritage, literary references, and a variety of other sources, Kim attempts to thoughtfully mesh the fantastical with the mundane, the heroic with the cute, and the bubbliness of popular culture with deeper social concerns. Her artistic technique equally mixes media employing fibers and ceramics that she combines with mass-produced objects. Engaging the philosophical limits of both craft and art, as well as reality and fantasy, Kim intentionally stretches established boundaries, bringing subversive notions into sustained harmony.

Hea R. Kim would like to thank you The Canada Council for the Arts for its generous support.