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Window Gallery: Softer

Window Gallery:
Biofeedback Collective
September 30 – November 11| 2023

Softer encompasses two works by Biofeedback Collective members, Kelsey Ford, Lauren Warrington and Emily Zdunich. Cotton Candy Chain; a collaborative soft sculpture composed of up-cycled fabric and stuffing, as well as natural dye, and acrylic paint. A textual object which explores interpersonal and community connections and participation.

Biofeedback Collective resides and practices on Treaty 6 Territory in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The collective’s three members, Kelsey Ford, Lauren Warrington, and Emily Zdunich are graduates of the University of Saskatchewan. Between them, they explore a range of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, virtual and augmented reality. What unites them as a collective is an overarching interest in conceptual and responsive approaches to art making. The collective is focused on creating relational and feedback-based programming for underrepresented and emerging artists. Exploring how we relate to one another, our bodies, the places in which we inhabit, and how our unique histories and ancestries come together.

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