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Making Place

Ulrike Veith, Jeff Meldrum and Amber PB, Bree Tabin, Madeleine Greenway

In partnership with Regina Downtown Business Improvement Distract | Displayed on Scarth St. Pedestrian Way 

August 1 – November 16

With Neutral Ground being located in the downtown core, our organization and its members have a vested interest in the downtown community, we invited Neutral Ground’s membership to respond directly to concepts relevant to the downtown core. Bringing together the works of selected members’ Making Place echoes conversations of hopes, fears, and calls for change informed by each artist’s lived experiences in issues relating to food and housing crises’ both within and outside of Regina’s downtown.  Making Place extends an invitation to explore, critique, question, take up space, and most importantly make place through visual works that act as a meeting point for shared experience and reminders for reciprocal kindness amongst those that live, visit, and make place in Regina’s downtown. 

Jeff Meldrum and Amber PB invite you to look at our familiar city with new, resourceful eyes. Finding hope in ordinary places, and bringing a light to food accessibility. Madeleine Greenway finds solace in her garden and community as she explores all the different ways food connects her to her surroundings and can create resources for a larger community need. Bree Tabin sparks conversation about accessibility and kindness in their artwork, as a reflection of inflation and how it affects individuals and communities. Ulrike welcomes you into her home and safe space while advocating people’s rights to safety and shelter.  

Together these five artists highlight issues in our community and beyond through artwork that provokes both compassion and criticism in our society. We welcome you to enter the space with an open mind and hope you leave with more questions than answers, taking memories of the artwork with you as both reminders of our current reality and trickles of hope for the future as you continue to move within Regina’s downtown core and beyond.