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Student’s Online Gallery:
Roam Imhoff
October 11 – November 2| 2023/23

Over the last four weeks, Roan Imhoff has joined the Neutral Ground’s team as our student in residence. On top of Roan’s help with daily gallery happenings, they also spent their time with Neutral Ground creating digital art works that intuitively responded to Neutral Ground’s space and document Roan’s experience in residence.  Roan’s approach is marked by their openness for discussion and care for accessibility to the conceptual roots of the work they made.  Utilizing various inanimate objects, references to literature, and music Roan followed a process of looking to the space around him to find grounding and inspiration for the path of this series of works.

Read more about Roan’s work through their words below!

I always saw monstera leaves as hearts. This being my favourite plant that I’m most proud of, it seemed fitting to centre this in the image with the text. The final work holds resonance to me as someone learning self love and doing things for myself instead of others something fitting as  I take great care in keeping alive this heart shaped plant.

At first I was just going with the flow, this was mainly abstract with the intention of leaving the interpretation open for others. This was the first of the three works that I made and now looking back I think the character is swallowing  its doubt about situations, maybe even swallowing their doubt about someone in particular.

One of the inanimate objects that informed this work was a little origami frog. As the artist I think to think of this little origami frog, as being stuck in nostalgia. I made him looking into a better time in his life. In the mirror the frog is looking to calmer waters while the current environment is rougher. To me this represents the act of reminiscing to simpler times in life which I believe we all do at some point or another.

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