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Window Gallery: [extended] Family Storage

Window Gallery:
Negar Devine-Tajgardan
September 24 – November 12, 2022
Reception: September 24, 7 – 9pm

In the transition of our lives we remember places we go and leave. We are constantly making new memories in our lives; we collect these memories and load them on each other even though they might fade away eventually. My works are comprised of small replicas of objects that I have formed memories around. As displacement is a universal subject I included other people’s memory into my work by creating replicas of their belongings.

Negar Devine-Tajgardan is a visual artist with a special interest in sculpture, installation-art and photography. Tajgardan’s works are based on her memories of coming to Canada from Iran and broader concepts of immigration and displacement. She completed her MFA degree at the University of Saskatchewan. She is interested in the memories of absent spaces, whether they are missed as a result of growing up, moving or even death, and how these reflect the changes in people’s lives. Tajgardan has chosen paper and dissolvable fabric for their qualities of fragility to speak to the vulnerability in life.

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