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Carcass – The Posthistoric Queer

Elian Mikkola
September 24 – November 12, 2022

Reception: September 24, 7 – 9pm

Stepping in, I invite you to the year 3000, a time of posthumxn species. After mankind broke our planet into pieces around 2050-2070, a queer variant of the homo sapien continued to survive. Preposterous development and the use of natural resources for self-indulging activities led to the total destruction and death of animal, plant and human life. However, due to resilience and highly enhanced adaptational skills, the queer variant learned to survive in the harsh conditions of the newly transformed planet. The artifacts in display and the re-enactments seen in multiple projections invite you to observe the life and survival of our queer ancestors.

Elian Mikkola is a Finnish Moving Image Artist (of Karelian descent), and a white settler currently based between Treaty 4, Regina, and Montréal (Tiohtià:ke), Canada. Mikkola completed their MFA in Media Production in 2019 at the University of Regina. They work closely with both analog and digital images, movement and themes such as memory, spatial dependences and queer environmentalism.

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