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Kassandra Walters & Reza Rezaï
April 1 – May 13 | 2023
Reception: April 1 | 7 – 9 PM

how does one come to terms with the number two.

the number who can’t help but to be identified, defined by its unforgiving relationship to one.

the number fixated on what comes before but seldom cares about what comes after.

the number who captures the tenacity of the almost there but the reality of the heavier not quite. 

within the hierarchy of numbers it seems to be an almost impossible, improbable task. 

a state of sequential purgatory that one can not find any sense of solace within nor truly come to terms with.

it is what it is.

this is how it goes.

follow my lead.

  1. 2. 3.

and maybe that’s where the problem lies. 

thinking of two through the lens of a system.

a prescribed framework that makes sense in the sensical (rational) way of things but has now seeped into all the other necessary nonsensical things.

of life itself.

of art itself.

of the artist itself.

of the artist himself.

of the artist herself. 

or more specifically the artists themselves.

rendering the incessant pursuit of removing self from the artistic experience so that “it” is all that remains becomes a rather complicated one. or in this case a rather complicated two.

because there is now a duality (or maybe a duelity) at play, in play with place.

an attempt of two to co-exist within a singular, narrow white space.

who takes what.

what goes where.

how do the boundaries of this momentary relationship begin.

& where do they end.

this pas de deux.

that began à part de nous deux.

two varied practices defined by two distinct histories.

histories that are not each other’s own but have come to become a part of each’s own.


Kassandra Walters is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tkaronto/Toronto. She received her BFA from Concordia University in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Kassandra combines her love of materials, mostly non traditional, into rich, layered, ephemeral works. Her work references her identity as a second generation Canadian and experiences of living with mental illness. In her newest body of work, through the use of various treatments for sugar and spices, she is able to connect to and hold space for the millions of people affected by the colonization of the Caribbean. 

Reza Rezaï is an artist, writer + educator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. His forthcoming collection of poetry titled eshgh will be published by Les Éditions du Blé in 2023. He is currently working on his first photo book louixlouislewis as well as a series of large scale paintings under the working title of a poor man’s wanda koop.


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Exhibition Text Written By:

Farhad Foroughi; Visual Artist, Critic.

B.A in graphic design and M.A in Photography at the University of Tehran.

Graphic Designer at Harvard Media Agency.


Hooria Rajabzadeh, Visual Artist. BA and MA of photography at the university of Tehran, Iran. Currently she is MFA student at University of Regina, Canada.