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Atilla’s Mirror Shop

Ufuk Gueray
Oct. 3 – Nov 14, 2020

ATILLA’S MIRROR SHOP is an ongoing itinerant project dealing with memories of the artist’s late uncle’s mirror shop in Izmir, Turkey. This project blurs documentary and fictional elements, combining artefacts from the original store, sound, and installation strategies, with new elements sourced for each subsequent iteration of the mirror shop.

Atilla’s Mirror Shop was first presented during a residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in Williamsburg, New York, in 2018, and has since been performed and exhibited in a variety of formats and locations. Each new iteration of the project includes combinations of vintage mirrors, ambient sound recordings from Izmir, and mirrored and distorted photographs based on original images of the store from the 1980s.


UFUK GUERAY was born in Herrenberg, Germany, and lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In his recent work, he has been thinking about how cultural context and political forces can shape our understanding of art.

Ufuk Gueray – Artist Talk – Wednesday October 21/2020, 7 – 8pm (hosted remotely over zoom. Link to attend will be emailed to you)
Sign up to attend: UFUK GUERAY ARTIST TALK