March 30, 2017

Important Notice from Neutral Ground

Important Announcement from Neutral Ground

A Message from the Neutral Ground Board of Directors

Dear Neutral Ground members and friends,

After due consideration, Neutral Ground's Board of Directors announces that it is now a working board. During the interim, all of the functions of the organization will be handled by the volunteer Board of Directors, and we invite members to reach out to assist us with volunteering.

Having been on the cutting edge of emerging art practices for over 30 years, Neutral Ground is preparing to renew its commitment to community, emerging artists, and emerging practices. The Board of Directors is keen to engage the membership and community in strategic visioning, to be announced soon.

We invite you to participate in the organization and to direct all correspondence to the Board Chair, Risa Horowitz, and Treasurer, Sandee Moore at, in this interim period.

Neutral Ground Board of Directors:
Risa Horowitz, Chair
Sandee Moore, Treasurer
Terri Fidelak
Blair Fornwald
Alexandra King
Donna Kriekle
Kevin McKenzie
Caitlin Mullan
Helen Pridmore