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New Staff at Neutral Ground!

New Staff at Neutral Ground!
November 28, 2017

Neutral Ground welcomes Simon Fuh and Amber Phelps Bondaroff

Neutral Ground ARC is thrilled to announce the hire of new staff.

Simon Fuh begins in the role of Administrative Coordinator on November 1, 2017.

Amber Phelps Bondaroff begins in the role of Programming Coordinator on November 10, 2017.

Simon Fuh is a multi-media artist from Regina, Saskatchewan. Since graduating with his BFA in Visual Arts in 2016 from the University of Regina, he has interned for C Magazine in Toronto, and lived in Taipei Taiwan, where he recently completed a residency in nearby Hualien. Simon is interested in racial identity, Hip-hop, R&B, world industrial techno, queerness, Sinofuturism, street fashion, beef noodle soup, and burrito shops that offer free guac. In joining Neutral Ground, he is excited to play a role in what will become an important node in Canadian contemporary art in the prairies.

Amber Phelps Bondaroff is an interdisciplinary artist, maker and spatial navigator, living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She crafts situations that encourage people to make and be together. The products are only as important as the relationships that are developed within these shared spaces of creative interaction. Through these spaces, her work strives to soften the rigidities of conventional social interaction. Amber works across many mediums, including; soft sculpture, costume, drawing, bookmaking, printmaking, music and film. There is a strong focus on re-use and re-imagining of materials throughout all of her work.

Born in Calgary Alberta, Amber lived and traveled to many places around the continent and around the globe, before moving to Saskatchewan in 2012. She has been molded by her involvement in various collaborative creative communities including the Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, based out of a thrift store in North Carolina, and the Art Shanty Projects, a public art festival and experimental community on the surface of a frozen Lake in Minnesota. She is the founder of the NoDS project (Network of Domestic Spaces) a reticulum of artist residency spaces situated in people’s homes. She received an MFA in Intermedia Arts from the University of Regina, in 2014 and a BFA in interdisciplinary fine arts from NSCAD University, Halifax in 2007.