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Zine Workshop: Yuji Lee

Zine Workshop
Yuji Lee
Saturday, December 10th, 2022: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  Zines (short for “fanzines” or “magazines”) are typically self-published booklets
featuring artwork and/or text. Often made using widely available materials and
methods, zines are an accessible way to create, collect, and distribute art. Though
they can be about pretty much any topic, zines have a history of being a part of
social and political activism, giving marginalized groups a voice and a space for self-
expression. In this workshop, Yuji invites participants to draw inspiration from
social issues as they create their own zines.
Materials are provided, but participants are encouraged to bring additional supplies
if desired (photos, ephemera, favourite art materials, etc).

Yuji Lee is a visual artist working in drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and
sculpture. Yuji’s practice primarily explores mental health and identity, presented
through surreal illustrations of anatomical distortions. The artist’s work has been
exhibited in the Art Gallery of Regina, the Fifth Parallel Gallery (Regina), Art Mûr
(Montréal), Art Placement Gallery (Saskatoon), and in downtown Saskatoon as a
public installation through BAM (Bridges Art Movement) and DTNYXE (Downtown
Saskatoon). Yuji holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Regina and
currently works as a gallery facilitator.

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