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Where can we meet

January 20 – February 17, 2007
Adam Budd
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 8:00 pm

Produced at The Church Basement, Saskatoon, SK

Artist Statement:

The question as title is meant to frame the video work for interpretation on both a formal level of the viewing experience and the more symbolic level of intimacy. The project is seven single channel videos developed and finished during my time at the Church Residence, Saskatoon, in December of 2005. The videos are the result of a simplified approach whereby sound and image are captured simultaneously with VHS technology. By paring down the technological requirements one can work alone with ease, which can allow for a deeper level of intimacy to develop with the medium and, hopefully, with the audience. These videos are undoubtedly private, domestic pornography in some ways, but are still made with an audience in mind. I doubt the videos would even exist if there weren’t that excitement of exhibition and the safety of art as an accepted cultural structure of perverse/genuine expression. So the question still stands “Where can we meet…” in art, in life?
— Adam Budd