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The Other Side of the Mountain: Mystic Mountains and Cosmic Wanderings

Momu & No Es, Chooc Ly Tan, Oliver Husain, Shana Moulton, Jaakko Pallasuvo
Amber Christensen (Curator)
February 26, 2015

8:00 p.m. in the SOIL Media Lounge, 1856 Scarth Street featuring music by What’s Your Sign?

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The Other Side of the Mountain.
Total Run time 37minutes.

Mountains with mystic powers, pyramids and manifestos; these videos are calls for others possible worlds. They are un-nostalgic, un-topias. They look to the stars, cosmos and science fictionas either an escape, or respite from current predicaments (both the local and global). Coming after the broken promises of propagandist progressive visions of the 20th century, these works mark a shift from visions of blueprint utopic ideals to wandering explorations of the multiverse. The other side of the mountain bestows an offering of imaginary journeys for the phantasmal tourist.

Life of our Progressive Thinkers. Momu & No Es. 2014. 17min41sec.
Life of our Progressive Thinkers is a journey without restriction by the boundaries of time: Humanity always expects in the future, a moment, someone or something to explain what we today find inexplicable. The uncertainty of the story is the reason that the future offers us a new horizon. Momu & No Es live and work in Madrid and Rotterdam.

New Materials in the Reading of the World. Chooc Ly Tan. 2011. 5min20sec
The video announces the emergence of Oubliism, a concept that consists of the exploration of new possibilities to be found in the chaos of the universe. Oubliism proposes a rethink of the current system which is bound by physical laws and humane concerns, and distances itself from reality and aspires to new cosmic and revolutionary ideals. Chooc Ly Tan lives and works in London.

Swisspering. Shana Moulton. 2013. 9min.
Swisspering is framed by the act of applying and removing makeup. As the makeup is removed with a product called Swisspers, the body is, in effect, carved away. Shana Moulton lives and works in New York.

Utopia. Jakko Pallasuvo. 2013. 6min41sec.
Utopia was shot in the Swiss mountains and deals with trying hard, unrequited love, memory, awe and new technologies. Jakko Pallasuvo lives and works in Helsinki and Berlin.

Mount Shasta. Oliver Husain 2011. 8min. Shot on 16mm transferred to digital.

A film of a puppet play created by Husain and based on incidents during a road trip through Oregon. Music by Canadian independent recording artist Mantler (aka Chris A. Cummings). Oliver Husain lives and works in Toronto.