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The Many Shades of Burnt Sienna

Artist in Residence: Kris Alvarez
April 26 – May 8, 2021

For two weeks, Kris will be occupying Neutral Ground’s gallery, using it as a space for creation, conversation and performative ‘tinkering.’ The gallery will be closed to the public during this time, with two public events shared virtually.

About Regina-Time Gala: Sat. May 1, 7pm
(Please note, the time for this event has been updated!)
Round Table with Trespassers: Tues. May 4, 1-3pm

(more info about these events coming soon)

BURNT SIENNA began as an experiment in how to widen audiences to represent all people living in the city of Regina. “If I ‘brown’ up the content, will they come?” Alvarez tasked herself with this question and stepped into a variety talk-show with a ‘bit more colour.’ In this fourth season of BS, Alvarez carries forward shared stories, filled with new questions while flipping her blueprint to try out new experiments in artful and relational ways. Her latest impulse, that of Acknowledgement, makes time & space for notions of land, entitlement, body & home.

“I am trying my best to source an intentional approach, ‘bend time & space’, to crack open conversations about othering, race relations and identity. I’m privileged to practice this approach, tinkering out loud in non-traditional theatre performances, vulnerably asking audiences, “I’m trying to figure this out, can you help me?”
-Kris Alvarez

KRIS ALVAREZ is a theatre artist, and Regina monologue. Kris has had the privilege of relationship-building through creation & performance with like-spirited humans at Curtain Razors Theatre, Fadadance, the Artesian Theatre and the Heritage Community Association. In 2019, Kris participated in a humbling residency with Common Weal Community Arts, that inspired Golden Potluck, a project that centered the voices of diverse older women. Kris tinkers with her practice alongside Curtain Razors Theatre performing (Bad Blood, Carmen Angel) and making work (What Kind of Brown Are You?) Just before the pandemic, Kris had life-inspiring experiences performing in Persephone Theatre’s Reasonable Doubt. 2021 has Kris lucky to be performing in Agam Darshi’s film Donkeyhead, and continuing relationships with the Globe Theatre with a residency. This summer, “driving back up the 11,” she’ll join Sum Theatre’s Theatre in the Park, in Saskatoon, SK.

The artist would like to graciously acknowledge the following guests:
Chasity Delorme, Melanie Rose, Tomas Jonsson (Dunlop Art Gallery), Tak Pham & Felicia Gay (Mackenzie Art Gallery), Rania Al Harthi, Jennifer Brewin (Globe Theatre), Misty Wensel, Heather Cameron, Fran Gilboy (Fadadance),Taiwo Afolabi (Media Arts and Performance department – UofR) and the Curtain Razors kids!