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Some Call It Bad Luck

Lisa Steele
February 22, 1983
Presentation & discussion: Tuesday, February 22, 8:00pm

Some Call It Bad Luck a drama of interrogation, re-enactment, reconstruction and confession. A videotape by Lisa Steele.

Donna works in a provincial testing laboratory as a technician. One night when she’s working late, an armed man enters and holds her hostage. Before morning, the police have intervened, the man is dead and Donna is under suspicion.

Some Call It Bad Luck depicts the interrogation as the detectives re-create not only the homicide but Donna’s life. Over the two and a half day questioning, disconnected and often trivial events of an existence are spread out, examined and then reconnected in an ever-narrowing circle of apparent guild – or is it simple exhaustion?

Some Call It Bad Luck features Karl Beveridge, Ian Genzinck, Gerald Hannon, Donna Reuss, Lisa Steele and Patricia Wilson. Location production by Clive Robertson and Norman Cohn. Location sound by Ric Amis. Production assistance by Gillian Robinson. Edited at Charles St. Video in Toronto by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomszak. Financial assistance provided by the Ontario Arts Council.

Some Call It Bad Luck was written and produced by Lisa Steele. 1982. Running time: 50 minutes. Colour.