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Shelf Works

Shelf Works
Marla Hlady
May 4 – 31, 2002
Opening: Friday, May 3 at 7:00pm


Marla Hlady produces interactive kinetic installations which are simultaneously amusing and disquieting as they play out a game with silence. Combining robotics, motors, dissembled toys and sensors Hlady makes room for the viewer’s i”interaction. Untitled (from the Amusement Machine Series) is a series of paired mechanical toys stripped down to their internal mechanical workings. Electric switches control the action of the machines and once activated, the toys begin a noisy conversation of squeaks, cheeps and clatters of gears grinding and bells ringing. Neutral Ground is interested in extending her visit in the community to include an extended in-house workshop in simple internal mechanics, kinetics and sound installations. Hlady has taught numerous workshops in and around Toronto, as well, she is an instructor at the University of Guelph.

Marla Hlady, Guelph/Toronto

Programmed by C. Shaw