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Kenji Siratori
“REGENERATOR Pig” Cinema-Installation
SATURDAY, November 22 at 8:00 pm
Through January 31, 2009
Reception, November 22 at 8 pm


Kenji Siratori‘s new work, REGENERATOR Pig, carries forward our program of ideas introduced from his work screened at Soil Digital Media Suite in Regina in 2007 entitled, “Genetic Sea” with Mariano Equizzi.

REGENERATOR Pig incorporates objects that pilot signals through the use of sensors and other body controlled devices. In this work, the cinematic screen “tells story about bio-invasion on flow of the decoded consciousness… My techno-vortical texts similar to the most cryptogenic progressive writings exhume utterly original processes of text-composing but unlike other engineers of such texts whose economy of their writings is secured within the organic body of spectacular interwoven plots or critico-manic’s verbigerations about the text itself, my writings deliberately,encipher (hollows out) a new artificial wiremesh on and through which the text is non-wovenly rendered, convoluted and recomposed continuously.