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Psyche and the Digital

May 5 – June 2, 2007
Alexandra Dementieva
Reception: Saturday, May 19 at 8:00 pm


Artist Statement

TMy main interests are in social psychology and human perception. I am interested in an individual and his place in society created by himself and in all the ways society in turn influences the person. All my themes are borrowed from life. In my video work, I integrate different elements including behavioral psychology to develop narrative through the point of view of a subjective camera. I collaborate regularly with the composer Aernoudt Jacobs, whose approach to work and to
sound processing is similar to mine.
I take my video camera everywhere. Often I film something that I had not previously intended. My attention could be suddenly drawn to the unexpected color in a landscape, or to particular movement of crowd on the street. Light of sunset or heavy rain could inspire me, as well a monotonous sway of the intercity buses. Editing of the images is an important stage of my work.Linking them together, creating the visual chain, I strip the images of their meaning. Their order invites different interpretation free of any connotations and gives the imagination a free rein to fashion its own story.
— Alexandria Dementieva