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New Music Concert Series

Sundar Subramian, Gary Wasyliw, Iain Emslie, Ian Campbell
June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013

New Music Concert Series

Sundar Subramanian

Gary Wasyliw

Iain Emslie

Ian Campbell


Artist Bios

DR. SUNDAR SUBRAMANIAN is a composer and music theorist currently residing in Regina. He has taught music theory, popular music, and music history at University of Regina. From 2008-2011, he taught at University of Windsor. Dr Subramanian completed his PhD in music composition through University at Buffalo (SUNY) in 2011. He completed his undergraduate studies at Carleton University in Ottawa and his MA in composition at York University in Toronto. Recently, he completed compositions for the electric guitar with the support of the 

Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Dr. Subramanian’s compositional interests are wide-ranging, encompassing electronic music, solo works, and chamber music. He is fascinated by rigorously theoretical, strictly notated writing as well as by aleatory improvisation. Dr. Subramanian has had compositions performed at the 2012 Living Music Under Living Skies festival and the 2010 Windsor Canadian Music Festival. His works have been performed at numerous venues in North America by performers including the Madawaska String Quartet, Arraymusic, Seth Josel, Christina Petrowska-Quilico, David Mott, and William Beauvais. In 2008, his string quartet Diminished but Returning received honourable mention in the competition for the Brian M. Israel Prize for young composers residing in New York State.

Sundar Subramanian has performed as an electric guitarist and improviser at a number of concerts and festivals, including the Extensible Electric Guitar festival at Clark University and the Society of American Music conference in 2005. He also performed in the premiere of Glenn Branca’s 13th symphony in 2001. He works with prepared electric guitar as well as with the design of signal processing applications for the instrument.

Dr. Subramanian’s research interests include the mathematical modelling of pitch in post-tonal music and the analysis of popular music. His analysis of Reginald Smith Brindle’s El Polifemo de Oro has been published in Ex Tempore: A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical Research. He spoke at the 2009 conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music in Liverpool UK, presenting an analysis of “Close to the Edge” by Yes.

GARRY WASYLIW is a musician from Regina. He has been involved with home recording, music for dance, and improv bands. His musical interests have been in software synths and sound manipulation. Lately he has enjoyed participating in the Dorkbot jams at Neutral Ground. His latest instrumentation, The Heart of the Sun, includes analog synth effects and shortwave radio samples.

IAIN EMSLIE is a musician and sound designer. His interests are varied but focus specifically on rock music from the 60’s to the present, electronic music and classical music. Iain is a self-taught arranger and producer with extensive experience writing and recording music and is currently studying music composition and history at the University of Regina. He is currently a member of the bands Robin and the Hairy Bats and Technology as well as releasing electronic music under the moniker SemiAlien. Iain released and recorded Robin and The Hairy Bat’s self titled EP in 2012 as a solo recording project before recruiting members for live concerts. He is currently in the process of recording Technology’s debut release due in 2013.

IAN CAMPBELL is a filmmaker and new media artist whose work is deeply rooted in a desire to reveal the organic personal tension present in the technology of contemporary life. He has a varied practice that includes digital filmmaking, live improvised visuals, installation art, and kinetic sculpture. Hes a graduate of studio art programs at the University of Victoria (BFA 2002) and Concordia (MFA 2006). His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Parisian Laundry, The Mendel Art Gallery, The MacKenzie Art Gallery and others. His films have screened at festivals like WNDX, Antimatter, Prairie Scene and others. He is currently working in the Film Department of the University of Regina. Ian is originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.