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NEW CARTOGRAPHY: Digital Humanities and Realities

Lysanne Thibodeau (Curator)
November 20, 2015

Neutral Ground and SOIL are pleased to present a two-day screening of films on tour from Vidographe, Montral, curated by Lysanne Thibodeau.

Friday, November 20, 8:00 p.m. (reception to follow.)
Saturday, November 21, 12:00 p.m. (all day matinee.)

Curatorial Statement

Todays digital universe permeates our daily lives, but for moving image creators it has opened up the way to new forms of expression and new artistic genres. This series of programmes assembles some of Vidographes recent acquisitions which explore some of these new narrative territories resulting from technical experimentation and aesthetic research.

This hybrid programming consists of 24 rich works of art, filmed on film or HD, gathered into six thematic chapters dealing with identity, war, exile, culture andtechnology. In a single programme, varied genres reveal a mix of approaches; alongside documentary you will find experimental fiction, filmic essays and various animation techniques.

Produced by new as well as accomplished artists, women and men of various experiences and backgrounds, these films trace a clear portrait of the world in which we live. Their visions dark or luminous, absurd or playful characterise well our era and act as a mirror, reflecting our own perceptions and questionings.

To encourage the local public and those from abroad, almost half of the works are without dialogue, the others are in French, English, Spanish or Mandarin, all subtitled. These Digital Humanities and Realities will travel within America, in Europe and in Asia. They will be presented in cinematheques, museums, artist centres and universities. The presence of the artists and the curator will facilitate an exchange with the public and will be the opportunity to spark a dialogue about current media art practices and to identify new directions.

Curator’s Bio

Based in Montral, independent filmmaker and media arts curator Lysanne Thibodeau explores various genres and art forms such as cinematic essays, documentary, fiction, portraits of artists, as well as installation and music. She has lived in Berlin for 15 years where she produced her first independent films and organized film programmes, salons and shows throughout Europe. She holds a Masters in Visual Arts Film Production from Concordia University. She has been on several juries, teaches and gives workshops, conferences and presentations in Canada, Europe and in Latin America. Her curated programmes include The Legitimacy of the Producer-Director, an international retrospective of Les Films de lAutre in ten locations in 2014, and Berlin Wall to Wall, an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall in 2009. In 2015, she received a grant for an international residency as Media Arts Curator, in China.

About Vidographe

Vidographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the creation, distribution, dissemination and broadcasting of independent media art productions. The first artist centre in Canada to produce work in video, Vidographe was founded in 1971 by a group of filmmakers and producers from the National Film Board (NFB) who wished a more democratic approach to the production and broadcasting of audiovisual projects.


FRIDAY // 1 hr. 48 min.

FEMELLES by Marie-Jose Saint-Pierre
Animation / Canada (Qc) /2012 / 32 min. / French / English subtitles

CONDOMINIUM by Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas
Fiction / Canada (Qc) / 2013 / HD / 6 min. / No dialogue

Fiction / Canada (Qc) /2013 / HD / 21 min. / French / English subtitles

WANDERING by lonore Goldberg
Animation / Canada (Qc) / 2013 / HD / Color / 6 min. 11 / No dialogue

PAPER WINGS by Vincent Toi
Fiction / Canada (Qc) /2011 / 16 mm / 7 min. 30 / No dialogue

TALA by Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Fiction / Canada (Qc) / 2013 / HD / 12 min. / French / English subtitles

THE SPARKLING RIVER by Flix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphal
Fiction / Canada (Qc) /2013 / 18 min. / Mandarin / English subtitles

TIGER by Alexandre Roy
Animation / Canada (Qc) /2013 / 35 mm / 2 min. 56 / No dialogue

1000 PLATEAUS (2004-2014) by Steven Woloshen
Experimental / Canada (Qc) /2014 / 35 mm / 3 min. 21 / No dialogue

SATURDAY // 4 hrs. 11 min.

TEXTILE DE CORDES by Nathalie Bujold
Video art / Canada (Qc) / 2013 / HD / 1 min. 20 / No dialogue

LACTE by Andre-Anne Roussel
Fiction / Canada (Qc) / 2014 / HD / 14 min. 42 / French / English subtitles

VISAGES by Chantal Dupont
Video art / Canada (Qc) / 2013 / HD / 2 min. 14 / No dialogue

Fiction / Canada (Qc) /2012 / HD / 7 min. 38 / No dialogue

NOT DELIVERED by Vincent Ren-Lortie and Cynthia Carazato
Animation / Canada (Qc) /2013 / HD / 2 min. / No dialogue

DES HOMMES LA MER by Flix Lamarche
Documentary / Canada /2012 / Color / 18 min. 11 / English and french subtitles

THE BLUE MARBLE by Co Hoedeman
Animation / Canada (Qc) /2014 / HD / 6 min. 12 / No dialogue

Video art / Canada (Qc) / 2014 / 7 min. 45 / French / English subtitles

POSTCARD by Jules Saulnier
Fiction / Canada (Qc) /2014 / HD / 3 min. / Mandarin / English and french subtitles

PICENTRES by Raphalle Bilodeau
Fiction / Canada / 2013 / HD / 15 min. 10 / French / English subtitles

HOAX_CANULAR by Dominic Gagnon
Documentary / Canada (Qc) /2013 / Couleur / 92 min. / English

QUBKOISIE by Mlanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins
Documentary / Canada (Qc) /2013 / HD / 80 min. / French /
English and french subtitles