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Madame Dolittle: Telling the Bees

August 11 – 13, 2006

Lori Weidenhammer

11 am – 5 pm, Victoria Park

Opening reception:

Saturday, August 12 – 8pm

Neutral Ground


Travelling through time and communicating with honeybees–you may think these are impossible feats. However, you have not met Madame Dolittle, Edwardian theosophist, naturalist and gifted practitioner of interspecies communication. Dolittle also pioneered a form of sonic apitherapy, which was used in programs for prison reform. Join her in a rare visitation to Regina where she will be in residence in Victoria Park, from August 11 to 13. Discover the mystical world of the honeybees, known to the ancient Greek scholars as “messengers of the gods.” Whether you suffer from and seek relief from anxieties, ailments, sorrows, lost objects, or simply wish to share the gratitude of your recent joys, Madame Dolittle will pass your messages onto the honeybees.

“Through meditational exercises focussing on empathy and intuition, scientific minds can be opened to channel information that up until now has been impossible to receive and comprehend. I designed my beekeeping millinery as an amplifonic aid for this process.”

“Messages for the bees are passed along the subconscious pipeline, shifting them from one person’s dreams to another until a memory becomes a daydream related over a cup of steaming tea at breakfast.”
– Yolanda Doolittle’s Journals, 1916

For those from afar who can reach us through the magical hive mind of the internet, log on to Madame Dolittle’s blog and tell us about your most recent honey bee sightings.

“Marriage, birth, or burying,
News across the seas,
All your sad or marrying,
You must tell the bees.”
– Celtic Wisdom

LORI WEIDENHAMMER is a performance-based artist, originally from Cactus lake Saskatchewan, who now makes her home in Vancouver. In her piece called The Weidenhammer Wunderkammer she traveled to disappearing prairie towns in the Artist Run Limousine. In her latest work she is interested in creating new interfaces for humans to interact with the natural and supernatural worlds.

Lori Weidenhammer Bees


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