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“L’Invention des Animaux” /”The Invention of Animals”

“L’Invention des Animaux” /”The Invention of Animals”
Jocelyn Robert
September 7 – October 5, 2002
Presented by Soil Digital Media Suite.


Jocelyn Robert will visit Regina to open his video installation “L’Invention des Animaux” which is a work based on his investigations with simple chaotic systems and the subsequent production of organic behaviours or natural structures. This project is part of that research and is realized as a short video that plays almost in loop, except that the editing is never fixed, making unpredictable the movements that will come. It is made in MAX, using a short video clip that is constantly replayed by a Lorenz Attractor. The video presents an image in movement that appears like a ‘natural’ one, but in fact is a completely artificial generated movement.

This work was presented at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin and granted an award for the first time the category “Image” contains not only video works, but the full scope of linear and non-linear moving images.

Jocelyn Robert lives in Quebec. Although trained as an architect, for the last fifteen years he has been working with sound: performing with the ensemble Bruit TTV; creating acoustic installations; composing interactive computer pieces; talking and writing about new media. In 1983 he founded Avatar, the artist-run audio centre. In 1999, Robert was artist in residence at Steim in Amsterdam and in 1998 at Sheffield University, England. Recent performances include Tic Toc festival (solo and with Laetitia Sonami) in Victoria, B.C., Le Piano Flou at Wesleyan University, Connecticut and Station to Station (with David Michaud and Boris Firquet) for Documenta in Kassel. Robert1s work has been shown and performed in the United States, Mexico, Poland, Austria, Germany, France and Canada. In the past decade Robert has published seven solo CDs and produced over twenty CDs of other artists works for Ohm Editions, Quebec. He received numerous awards and was a jury member of the Conseil des Arts du Canada several times. The career of Jocelyn Robert is characterized by a particular involvement with, and commitment to, collaborative work.