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Labour is the Body; Time is the Bridge

Katherine Boyer
April 13 – June 1, 2019

This solo exhibition focuses on the artist’s own, female, Métis body as it reclaims space, history, and family stories that follow the direct matriarchal line of five women. By embodying a creative interpretation of their physical labour through slow conscious work, or by considering the body as a form of measurement and an open channel of communication, their life stories become a point of expressing and repairing lost homelands. The artist takes process-heavy and repetitive techniques, both as time-based approaches, and translates them into a physical experience, honouring the lives of these women.

Katherine Boyer is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is focused on methods bound to textile arts and the handmade, including fabric manipulation, paper-making, woodworking and beadwork. Boyer’s art and research is entrenched in Métis history, material culture and personal family narratives. Through the experience of long, slow and considerate, laborious processes, Boyer contemplates the use of her own Métis body as a conduit for building upon ancestor relations. Boyer received a BFA from the University of Regina and an MFA from the University of Manitoba. She currently holds a position as Assistant Professor at the U of M, School of Art.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 13, 8-10pm
Artist Workshop: Sunday, April 14, 1-4pm