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Sasha Miller
January 30 – March 6, 2021

Invitation presents a series of three-dimensional figurative paintings focused completely on human skin. Tightly cropped circular compositions, on double-sided birch panels and sheets of frosted mylar, feature magnified images of different female bodies. The birch panels embrace the complex physicality of skin, as details are meticulously rendered to a hyper-realistic degree, and provide an undeniable presence to markings that often remain unseen. Contrastingly, the mylar pieces challenge reality as the material’s translucent surface is influenced by the changing effects of light. The blue underpaintings keep the pieces connected, while the flesh tones layered on top allude to the individual colouring of each subject. The abstraction of these paintings reflects the depth of normalcy, challenging interpretations and perspectives of beauty as defined by today’s society. Ultimately, freed from context, identity, and individuality, viewers are invited to engage gently with the intimacy of this work as they discern its ambiguity and potentially find comfort in its familiarity.

Sasha Miller is a multidisciplinary artist based in Regina, SK. Focusing primarily on painting and printmaking, Miller’s process is always heavily detailed and inspired by close collaboration with her subjects. Her current body of work is an investigation of the female form and is influenced by a desire to transition two-dimensional work into a three-dimensional space. Using oils to paint magnified images on panels and mylar, Miller embraces the intricate physicality of skin while considering themes of intimacy, resilience, and human connection. Miller holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Regina.