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Turner Prize*
October 25, 2009

LIVE Bienalle 2009 (Turner Prize* does Ice Cream)

LIVE Bienalle 2009

October 25, 3:00 (CST) 2:00 (PDT)

Online and at Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Ave., Vancouver

Online at

In Ice Cream the three members of Turner Prize* simultaneously

perform webcam shows; visitors to the online site may choose whomever

they would like to perform for them. Each of the three performers

will be holding an ice cream cone and licking ice cream when a

visitor clicks a button marked “lick!”. Depending on the number of

visitors and the frequency with which they instruct the artists to

“lick!,” each performance may be a nauseatingly overindulgent

durational piece, an innuendo-laden cam-girl/boy show, or a sad,

sticky, drippy scene. The work highlights the tendency for

sophisticated technologies to be used for moderately entertaining or

mundane ends. “Interactivity” is reduced to button-clicking, with

each click producing a fairly predictable and unspectacular effect.

Despite these parodic constraints, the resulting performance is

drastically altered through the degree of viewer interaction.

Artists’ Bio:

Turner Prize* is a Regina-based art collective comprised of members Jason Cawood, Blair Fornwald, and JG Hampton. Turner Prize*s medium of choice is performative photography, though they also do live and technologically mediated performance, and occasionally conduct audio experiments as the electroacoustic group Hidden Secret.

Since their inception in January 06, 2008 Turner Prize* has been touring the United States and Canada collecting dreams for their growing visual archive.