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Window Gallery: Hide In / Seek Out

Window Gallery:
Yuji Lee
Hide In/ Seek Out
November 19 – January 15
Reception:November 19, 8 – 9pm

Hide In / Seek Out contemplates conflicting identities and the complexities of inhabiting a physical form. Using creatures composed of contorted fingers, the series reimagines and embraces ways of being that exist outside of the rigid structures we’ve been taught to adhere to. Oftentimes, enforcing harmful restrictions is mistaken as creating order, and difference is equated with deviance. What might it look like for us to be freed from these impositions and to be encouraged to explore what we’ve learned to suppress?

This work is supported in part by an artist residency hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and Collection (USAGaC) and funded through the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Program.

Yuji Lee is a visual artist working in drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and sculpture. Yuji’s practice primarily explores mental health and identity, presented through surreal illustrations of anatomical distortions. The artist’s work has been exhibited in the Art Gallery of Regina, the Fifth Parallel Gallery (Regina), Art Mûr (Montréal), Art Placement Gallery (Saskatoon), and in downtown Saskatoon as a public installation through BAM (Bridges Art Movement) and DTNYXE (Downtown Saskatoon). Yuji holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Regina and currently works as a gallery facilitator.



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