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Glitch Art with jonCates

September 12 – 14, 2013

A project of Soil Digital Media Suite:

::::: About the symposium

“Glitch Art With jonCates” is a thematic symposium taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan with visiting artist, Jon Cates (Chicago). The symposium, presented by Soil Media Suite, will include live and remote participation with artists and researchers working with glitch phenomena. The symposium will also include a production workshop, panel presentations, artist talks,University outreach, live performance, remote presentations utilizing NUMBERS.FM, Tumblr, and Facebook, interpretive projects and receptions.

A glitch is known as “a break in a technological flow that for a moment reveals its system. Though a glitch doesn’t have to b digital …it can be anything from a skipping CD….to compression artifacts during a video chat.” (extracted from GLI.TC/H conversations).

Glitch art has been described as being the “unexpected result of malfunction”, and as a “spike or change in voltage in an electrical current” as the “aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other “bugs”, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices (for example by circuit bending). (Wikipedia). The development of animated GIFs has been likened to early advancements in cinema an area of interest to Soil Digital Media Suite and its annual program dedicated to Expanded Cinema and practice led research. As a ‘new’ art form, glitch art is fertile territory for artists working with electronic media to research new intersections between the visible and remote forces of digital composition, communication, allegory and abstraction, perception and intention.

See at http://NUMBERS.FM/ and

jonCates is the Chair of the Film, Video, New Media & Animation department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His projects are presented internationally in exhibitions and events in cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Austin, Berlin, Beijing, Boston, Cairo, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Linz, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Vienna and Warsaw as well as being widely available online. His research and writings appear online and in print

publications from Gestalten, The Penn State University Press and Unsorted Books; and forthcoming publications from the MIT Press, Intellect Books and The Chicago University Press. In 2005 he created the concept of Dirty New Media, a culture of what is now often known as Glitch Art.

jonCates at

::::: Schedule in brief

Thursday September 12, 7:00 – 9:00

Workshop w/ Ian Campbell

@ Neutral Ground Media Lounge

Friday September 13, 12:00 noon

Art For Lunch w/ jonCates

@ the U of R, Riddell Centre 050

Friday September 13, 7:00 pm

Artist Talk w/ jonCates

@ Neutral Ground Media Lounge. reception to follow

Saturday September 14, 1:00 – 4:00

Panel talk & round table @ Neutral Ground w/ Rebecca Caines (Chair)David Gerhard, jonCates, Erik Rzepka, Shawne Holloway, Holly Lay

Saturday September 14, 8:00 pm

Presentation of new works (live and remote) @ Neutral Ground, reception to follow



::::: About the workshop

by Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is a filmmaker and new media artist whose work is deeply rooted in a desire to reveal the organic personal tension present in the technology of contemporary life. He has a varied practice that includes digital filmmaking, live improvised visuals, installation art, and kinetic sculpture. Hes a graduate of studio art programs at the University of Victoria (BFA 2002) and Concordia (MFA 2006). His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Parisian Laundry, The Mendel Art Gallery, CCA Glasgow and others. His films have screened at festivals like WNDX, Antimatter, Prairie Scene and others. He is currently working in the Film Department of the University of Regina. Ian is originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. (art homepage) (filmblog) (3dprint/artblog)