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Window Gallery: FIXED IT

Window Gallery

MARCH 9 – APRIL 20| 2024
Reception: March 9 | 7 – 9 PM


HOT 4 THE MOMENT will be taking over the Neutral Ground Window Gallery with their FIX -ITS quilted construction site. THE FIX-ITS is a parody performance, video and installation work assuming the characters of a multi-talented duo of contract workers who critique systems of oppression and misogyny within professional spaces through hard work, physical labor and community care. This installation consists of the signage used in our FIX-ITS performances. Getting to work as THE FIX-ITS required the proper OHS approved signage, designating safe spaces to be soft and silly with yourself. Together this collection of soft sculpture and screen printed signs use the visual identity of construction signage combined with the tenderness of quiltmaking.

THE FIX-ITS is a playful interrogation of gender roles in labour, looking at what we value as paid labour vs. what goes mostly unrecognized and unpaid. These signs act as a protest and interruption to people’s normal work days. While they are eye-catching in their easily recognisable fonts and bright colours; the phrases encourage a humorous and tender moment for the viewer, as well as a thoughtful reflection on ideas of work and labour within our society.


Drew Pardy and Georgia Dawkin are the two halves of the friendship heart necklace that is HOT 4 THE MOMENT. HOT 4 THE MOMENT is a creative collective that uses love, silliness, play, and humour to explore themes of feminism, care and play, to “women’s work” under the patriarchy. Artist duo Drew Pardy and Georgia Dawkin both use play within their art practices as a means to explore difficult topics and humor as a vessel for change. Both Georgia and Drew are currently based in St.John’s, NL and have received their BFA from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University.


Image: HOT 4 THE MOMENT, THAT’S IT!, Green quilted THATS IT! tape, 84” x 4”


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