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Dreams of Teeth

Noxious Sector
November 9 – December 14, 2013

Opening reception and performance: November 9, 8:00 p.m.

Dreams of Teeth is a speculative project that uses trance-induction techniques and hypnotic visualization to lead participants through a meditation in which their teeth fall out. Part relational challenge, part speculative experiment, Dreams of Teeth is one of several trance experiences being developed by Noxious Sector Arts Collective, under the project title “Nightmare Inductions.”

This exhibition will include an induction room in which participants can experience the nightmare first hand, as well as artifacts and images from experiments conducted by members of the collective: Jackson 2bears, Ted Hiebert and Doug Jarvis.

In the days leading up to the opening Noxious Sector will also be conducting a haunting of Regina, focusing on the technical, social and metaphysical ways in which public space intersects with bodies, both real and imagined. 

Noxious Sector is an ongoing collaborative endeavor by Canadian artists Ted Hiebert, Doug Jarvis and Jackson 2Bears, dedicated to the exploration of alternative cognitive function, the paranormal and the absurd. Conceived as a formalized forum for informal inquiry, Noxious Sector projects take the form of performances, curatorial initiatives and artistic collaborations.