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Doorway Zero

Doorway Zero
Petri’s Quadrille
April 7 – May 10, 2001

Various locations t.b.a.

Site maps available at Neutral Ground

Opening reception and artist’s discussion at Neutral Ground on Saturday, April 14, 2001 at 7:00PM.


Petri’s Quadrille is a Regina collective who are committed to the investigation of, and experimentation with, the interrelationships between the arts and sciences. Through their individual creative programs the collective’s members recognize the connections between artistic and scientific practices, and understand that culture, acting like agar in a petri dish, can be a medium which both nourishes and stabilizes the relationship between the arts and the sciences.

Their recent project Approaching Zero is inspired by the number zero and is comprised of four parts. Approaching Zero is inspired by the tension surrounding the trio of zeros contained in the numerical event of the year 2000 and by our social, cultural and emotional relationships to the number zero. Zero, which is defined as the absence of quantity, plays several roles in the real number system; neutral element with respect to addition; annihilating element with respect to multiplication; reference point for determination of sign; threshold between the positive and negative numbers. The curatorial premise of Petri’s Quadrille is that these properties carry larger meanings and that through metaphor, zero takes on a significance and resonance beyond its numerical context. Neutral Ground will host the component Doorway Zero which is four installations interpreting the concept of thresholds, liminality and transgression. Located site specifically, Doorway Zero will use chosen interior and exterior passageways to explore the relationships between the metaphor of doorways and the metaphor of zero.

Petri’s Quadrille acknowledges funding support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Canada Council for the Arts, the University of Regina Faculty of Science, Faculty of Fine Arts and the President’s Office.