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Audibly-Out! and Queer City Cinema
June 8 – 19, 2010

June 8 – 19, 2010

Queer City Cinema


Audibly-Out! co-presented by and Queer City Cinema

Sound Art Series  June 9-10 2010

Curated by Dr. Charity Marsh

Queer City Cinema and are pleased to be presenting the inaugural sound art series, Audibly Out! The festival, in its continued quest to present and introduce innovative ways in which queer artists work and play, has opened up yet another avenue for queer expression in Regina, where sound, and the other sensorial states it can engender, will have the potential to inform, transform and celebrate the queer self.

******************FESTIVAL SCHEDULE*******************************

Unless otherwise noted, all performances are rated Restricted (R)

People under the age of 18 are not granted entrance to Restricted performances.




Wednesday, June 9

Neutral Ground Gallery – 1856 Scarth St.

7:30 PM


Your Other Lover, Canada, 2010, audio performance, live set, 45 min.

Beats, software and subwoofers become your other lover as DJ Eugene and DJ Bedhead shift the authority of the DJ into a flirtatious courtship. These women command your attention to sound and spectacle of their “play”.

Your Other Lover – Regina

Your Other Lover is the collaborative project of DJ Eugene (Jeannie Straub) and DJ Bedhead (Elizabeth Curry). In addition to hosting an edgy electronic/hip-hop show on Reginas Community Radio station, YOL loves to bring beats to the dance-floor. YOL expands ideas about electronic music, technology and DJing in their intimate and playful collaborative approach, continually putting into question traditional approaches to music technologies as rigid tools. The beats, the software and the subwoofers all become Your Other Lover as DJ Eugene and DJ Bedhead shift the authority of the DJ into a flirtatious courtship. YOL spins tracks from head-to-toe, making a mess of laptops and quarter-inches.

9 PM

Pink Noises on the Dancefloor

Analog Tara, USA, 2010, audio performance, live set, 45 min.

Analog Tara performs a live set of tech-house. Working with an analog synth, drum machine, and MPC she will create minimal beats, funky bass lines, and grooves custom made for dancing.

Analog Tara – Montreal

Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara) is a musician and writer. Her work has been released on several albums, including the Le Tigre Remix 12″, and exhibited at venues including the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto. She has received the New Genre Composition Prize from the International Alliance of Women in Music and a 2006 Frog Peak Experimental Music Award. Tara has an MFA in electronic music from Mills College, and is a PhD candidate in communication studies at McGill University. Her book, Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound, was released this spring by Duke University Press.

Post Performance Reception


Thursday, June 10

Neutral Ground Gallery – 1856 Scarth St.

7:30 PM


Carrie Gates, Canada, 2010, audio performance, VJing with pre-recorded music CD, 30 min.

This new work presents a number of erotic and challenging play scenes between costumed fantasy characters, juxtaposed with glitchy abstract images referencing violence and desire in a technologically mediated world. Both fiercely sensual and confrontational, the imagery pulls the viewer into a tantalizing world of absurd delights of the body and mind, bringing risky business to another level of exposure, possibly inspiring some to “try this at home”. Tension weaves in and out of the mix to a finely crafted electronic soundtrack, accentuating the drama of the imagery and setting it in a fantastic, futuristic world where exploring the boundaries of eros and abstraction brings sweet relief from the proper world of the everyday.

Carrie Gates – Saskatoon

Carrie Gates has been working in the realms of VJing, DJing, and sound art since the mid 1990s. She also curates interactive art and sound events, such as the recent Unslumber SoundCamp (AKA Gallery and and the Z-Axis exhibition (Paved Arts). She has recently shown her new brainwave-controlled VJ mixing system (supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and Soil Digital Media Suite), and has presented a number of new VJ works at various festivals and special events. She is currently collaborating with various independent sound and performance artists to expand the possibilities for new types of creativity in performative video mixing to emerge.

8:30 PM

Doll Daze

Nicky Click and Carrie Gates, USA and Canada, 2010, audio performance, Carrie VJing for Nicky, 45 min.

Click is a one-woman powerhouse of high femme queerness, with a following of devoted fans around the world. Her infamous performance antics are an experience in themselves, as Nicky interacts with her audience in femme extremity, often incorporating bizarre costumes and sexy props into her acts. Her music spans jump-up party dance music, indie hip-hop, and electro sensibilities, spiced with emotive lyricism and saucy storytelling. For Queer City Cinema, Nicky has teamed up with Carrie Gates to create custom visuals that encompass the theme for her new album: the doll. Carrie and Nicky are creating all of the video during a short residency before their performance, making this a unique chance to see these two dolls work it out in style!

Nicky Click – Boston

Nicky Click is a producer, beat maker, video artist, songwriter and performance artist. “I’m On My Cell Phone” is her sophomore album out on Olympia, WA label Crunk’s Not Dead Records. Nicky Click has shared stages with Lady Sovereign, Scream Club, ESG, Tender Forever, Yo Majesty, Deadlee, Team Dresch, Michelle Tea, The Blow, The Gossip, Anna Oxygen, and many more. In 2006 she was named Emerging Artist of the Year by the Flaming Film Festival. She has played prestigious festivals such as Homo A Go Go, several Ladyfests, Pride festivals across North America, Estrojam, Mondo Homo in the dirty south, and Peace Out East. Her videos have played in theatres and festivals across the world, such as The Berlin Queer Festival, Mania TV, and the GLBT Milan Film Festival. Nicky Click is striving to create a new movement of feminist DIY dance music out of her bedroom that will empower, make people think, question, laugh, and feel good.

Post Performance Reception

A Round Table discussion including artists from Performing Out will accompany this series June 12, 2:30 PM. Please join us on June 12 for the closing night party for Audibly Out! And Performing Out! events.