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Art’s Birthday 2020

People Tanning, Decades, Rachel Broussard, Yujie Gao
January 18, 2020

Art’s Birthday 2020

Arts Birthday is an annual, international celebration of art. Fluxus artist Robert Filliou proclaimed that art was born when a sponge was dropped into a bucket 1,000,057 years ago. Come celebrate Art’s 1,000,057th Birthday with Neutral Ground Artist-Run-Centre on January 18th, 2020!

This year’s celebration will be hosted in the theme of Neutral Ground’s founding year – 1982.

***Lets get down, like it’s the early 80’s!***

-People Tanning (Cat Bluemke & Jonathan Carroll)
-Decades (Jason Cawood)
-Rachel Broussard
-Yujie Gao

+ DJ’s:
Tight Flôs

+ Surprise Guests! +
+ CAKE +

* Graphics & Projections by Ian Campbell *