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Marissa Sean Cruz Artist Talk

Marissa Sean Cruz
Artist Talk
May 27 | 2023
5-6 PM

In this conversation, Cruz will discuss their video work and curatorial experience as it relates to and borrows from contemporary digital pop culture. Cruz’s art practice remixes fragments of the internet, using the web as a site of research and mediation. Considering the heightened sense of digital disembodiment, governmental and corporation mistrust, and unethical surveillance practices through these matrices, this conversation will reference current artworks with a deep criticality to the social and political errors embedded into systems.

Marissa Sean Cruz is a digital multimedia and video performance artist from Kjipuktuk (so-called Halifax). Their experimental videos use 3D modeling, sound design, and costumed performances to study identity and value systems. Remixes of pop culture and commercialized products are synthesized creating alternative narratives. These humorous works aim to process a fast-paced contemporary present and envision possible, utopian futures.
Marissa Sean Cruz (b. 1996) has been exhibited in venues like InterAccess, The Khyber, Gallery 1C03, Video Pool Media Arts Centre and Struts Gallery, and Faucet Media Centre. Cruz’s various projects have been displayed throughout the United States and distributed digitally through spaces like the Centre for Art and Thought, Canadian Art, The Art Gallery of Ontario, PLATFORM Projects, and more.