August 1 - September 8, 2020

Neutral Ground is Hiring an Administrative Director

Neutral Ground is hiring for the position of Administrative Director

Position: Administrative Director
Status: Full-Time (35 hours per week)
Application Deadline: September 8th 2020

About the Position:

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Administrative Director (AD) works closely with the Programming Director (PD) within a non-hierarchical, mutually accountable framework. Neutral Ground (NG) is committed to a non-hierarchical staffing model as we strongly believe this is the foundation to upholding the vision and values of the organization as an Artist-Run Centre (ARC).

The two Director positions work within the mandate established by the Board, which is by extension shaped by the gallery’s voting membership. Working together, the Administrative and Program Directors both actively contribute to and are responsible for carrying out the vision and goals of Neutral Ground under the leadership of the Board and membership.

The AD oversees the administrative, fiscal, and membership development functions of the organization. The PD oversees programming and exhibition functions of the organization. The small staff and dual leadership structure of NG requires that some job duties are shared between the AD and PD positions. The AD and PD actively work together to support one another in contributing their skills, energy, and vision to serving our communities.

NG is committed to fulfilling the aim of ARC’s to foster emerging arts professionals to contribute to individual professional development and to grow the capacity of the greater professional arts communities in Canada. Training, mentorship, and professional development is tailored to supporting the specific interests and needs of the employee, in consultation with the Board.

See full job description for further details.
Administrative Director Job Description

Please apply no later than September 8th, 2020 with a CV and letter of interest.
Please include “Administrative Director” in the subject line of all applications.