January 18, 2020

Arts Birthday

Art's Birthday 2020

Arts Birthday is an annual, international celebration of art. Fluxus artist Robert Filliou proclaimed that art was born when a sponge was dropped into a bucket 1,000,057 years ago. Come celebrate Art's 1,000,057th Birthday with Neutral Ground Artist-Run-Centre on January 18th, 2020!

This year's celebration will be hosted in the theme of Neutral Ground's founding year - 1982.

***Lets get down, like it's the early 80's!***

-People Tanning (Cat Bluemke & Jonathan Carroll)
-Decades (Jason Cawood)
-Rachel Broussard
-Yujie Gao

+ DJ's:
Tight Flôs

+ Surprise Guests! +
+ CAKE +

* Graphics & Projections by Ian Campbell *