September 8, 2018

Swamp Fest: Neutral Ground Presents Art and Performance on Willow Island

Multidisciplinary Arts Programming at Swamp Fest

Neutral Ground is pleased to be partnering with Swamp Fest - and independent music and arts festival - to present multidisciplinary arts programming on September 8th 2018. The majority of arts programming will be situated on Willow Island, in Wascana park.

Founded in 2017 - Swamp Fest is a community organized, multi-venue festival, dedicated to increasing the visibility of Regina's independent music and arts communities to a broad and diverse audience, while show-casing creative talent from across Canada.

Neutral Ground will be presenting interactive art works and performances throughout the day by:

- The General Store (Nikki Martens & Lane Shordee)
- Ernie Dulanowsky
- Colby Richardson
- FadaDance
- Scummy Magic
- David Hoffos
- Judy Wensel & the mysterious Swamp Swarm....

For more information and a detailed list of artist projects and bios, please visit: