March 21, 2017

Aura, Carriance, & "dead things"

Benjamin Kamino

Artist talk & Reception
Neutral Ground (1856 Scarth Street)


Neutral Ground is pleased to announce an artist talk by Ben Kamino. Kamino hopes to unpack some current interests through the modalities of lecture/presentation, conversation, and physical practice.

The photograph is important to think about - a captured effort of a dancer supporting a new political party: I.N.O.; whose campaign took the form of a durational contemporary performance for an audience - so many efforts, all with a different direction and purpose and yet in concert. Ruairí Donovan himself describes his effort of carrying a dead thing - a former ideology, a hope for a future, a forgotten struggle and a matrix for ideas and histories we do not realize we are carrying.

Together we will dream about the intentions of Walter Benjamin with regards to aura. Ruairí Donovan's insistence on "a dead thing". The poetry of Jan Zwickey. And "carriance", a word newly inscribed into language by Bracha L. Ettinger

Co-presented in partnership with New Dance Horizons and Queer City Cinema. Everyone welcome.

Photo credit: Declan English © Ruairí Donovan 2016