November 29, 2017

Annual General Meeting for 2016-2017 fiscal year

2016-2017 AGM Agenda

Neutral Ground will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 29 at 6PM.

This is an opportunity for members to participate in shaping Neutral Ground and to vote on important business of the organization. Topics on the agenda (below) for the AGM include the presentation of the financial statements for the last year completed (2016/17), changes to the the by-laws and election of new board members.

Neutral Ground is seeking energetic and engaged individuals to provide vision guidance and oversight at the board level. We welcome nominations of artists with a wide range of skills and experiences. It is vital that the Board represent our diverse communities as we continue to evolve, and broaden the publics that we engage.

Please email Neutral Ground with the name of the nominee and a short bio (approximately 100-15- words) that can be used to introduce their skills and qualifications at the AGM. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.

Ensure that your membership is up-to-date, and join us!

If you are a member unable to be present, you may assign a proxy to vote on your behalf. The proxy must also be a member. Please use this form and have the proxy have it handy during the meeting.

Neutral Ground Inc.
AGM 2016-2017, November 29, 2017

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes from 2015-2016 AGM (March 7, 2017)
Minutes (PDF)

3. Annual Report with introduction by Chair
Annual Report (PDF)

4. Presentation of Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report (Charles Tooke from Cogent) on 2016-2017 Review Engagement.
Motion: To approve 2016-2017 Review Engagement.

5. Appoint Auditor
To appoint the incumbent Cogent Chartered Professional Accountants LLP as auditor/accountant of record for Neutral Ground for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
Cogent has a long history of conducting review engagements for Neutral Ground as well as a detailed familiarity with organizational finances.

6. Fundamental Changes: Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation (by special resolution, meaning by 2/3rd of votes cast).
To approve the proposed amendments to the Articles of the Membership Classes of Neutral Ground.
The existing membership categories prevent Associate Members from voting (though a fee is required); the proposed membership categories empower Associate Members.

Original Articles 1982 (PDF)

Amended Articles 1984 (PDF)

Amended Articles 1985 (PDF)

Proposed Amendments to Articles (PDF)

7. Bylaws amendments (by ordinary resolution as per existing Bylaws, meaning by a majority of the votes cast by the members who voted)
To approve proposed new Bylaws as presented.
The proposed new Bylaws align with the SK Non-Profit Corporations Act, and provides guidelines for amendment/repeal; power to borrow; election/removal of directors and their roles; classes of membership; and quorum for meetings

Bylaws August 2017 (PDF)

Proposed New Bylaws (PDF)

8. Membership fees:
To approve the following updates to membership fees.
Fees have not been formally reviewed in the recent recorded history of the organization. An increase in fees will aide Neutral Ground in self-generating revenue.

Existing Categories and Fees (as per Bylaws August 2017/1985):
Full: $24
Full Student/Unwaged: $15
Same Address Mailing: $36
Associate: $40
Institutional/Corporate: ($100/$250/$500/$1000)
Patron: $75
Honorary: no fee

Proposed new Membership Fees
Full Membership: $30
Student/Low-Income: $15
Patron: $75+
Institutional: $100

Honorary: no fee

8. Nominations and Elections to the Board of Directors
(each nominee must receive a majority of votes of those present/proxied to be elected)
- call for nominations from the floor
- request to determine elections by show of hands or by ballot
- selection of vote counters

Continuing Board Members (for second year of two-year term)
- Risa Horowitz
- Sandee Moore
- Terri Fidelak
- Blair Fornwald

Nominations for two-year terms (see bios below)
- Ali King (nominated by Terri Fidelak)
- Jeff Morton (nominated by Risa Horowitz)
- Javad Soroush (nominated by Leesa Streifler)
- Nic Wilson (nominated by Ali King)
- Garry Wasyliw (nominated by Helen Pridmore)

Retiring or Retired Board Members
- Jennifer Brass (March, 2017)
- Kevin McKenzie (April 2017)
- Donna Kriekle (July 2017)
- Caitlin Mullan (November 2017)
- Helen Pridmore (November 2017)

10. Adjournment

Bio for Members nominated to the Board Directors

Ali King
Ali King is the Curator/Preparator for the University of Regina President's Art Collection, previously working in curatorial roles at the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba. In the UK, she held positions at Annely Juda Fine Art, and Sotheby's, London. She holds an MA in International Museum Studies from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and a BA in Visual Culture from the University of Brighton, UK. Most recently, she curated the exhibition Plastic Rhymes at the Estevan Art Gallery in January 2017. Her writing has been published by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, Paperwait, Galleries West and Luma Quarterly. She has also served on the board of the artist-run centre aceartinc., in Winnipeg.

Jeff Morton
Jeff Morton is a composer, musician, and media artist whose projects are playful, experimental explorations of sound, sound-making, communication, and compositional processes using found and musical objects or materials. In performance, composition, and installation, his work has been presented by ensembles and in galleries and festivals across Canada and internationally.

Jeff Morton is a Saskatchewan artist based in the rural Southeast corner of the province. He has worked for galleries and arts organizations such as the Dunlop Art Gallery, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Regina, Holophon Audio Arts, and the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society, and in 2017 he completed a five-year term of employment in Ottawa at the Canada Council for the Arts, where he was a Program Officer in the Music Section managing the New Music program, the Commissioning of Canadian Compositions program, and the Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music.

Javad Soroush
Javad Soroush is an author from Tehran, Iran. His major fields are visual art and literature, working in both sides. He began his work in 2008 as a writer and researcher at Gavzan’s Drawing House, a visual art institution that has developed itself to a museum. During that period of time he did a range of work for them such as making a classified archive, designing a concept for their website and writing reviews and notes about their art activities.
Soroush also worked in many art magazines and also as a journalist in a famous newspaper in Iran, Donya -e- Eqtesad. He also worked with the UN art project Culture of Peace in Tehran. Soroush’s main current work is his opinion website Rokhdadhonar, which in English means Art-event. The website is focused on visual art interviews and art reviews. Javad writes: “I hope I could find a way to be a creative member of art society in Canada.”

Nic Wilson
Nic Wilson is an artist and writer based in Regina, SK (Treaty 4 Territory). He is an MFA candidate in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Regina. In the spring of 2017 he was the recipient of a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship and his most recent work connects the queering of literary cannons with the history of anti-action in art making. He has shown work across Canada, mostly in artist run spaces. He has volunteered with various artist-run organizations such as Struts Gallery in Sackville NB, Skol ARC and Viva Art Action in Montreal, QC as well as Neutral Ground.

Garry Wasyliw (rhymes with Waskesiu) has worked a career as a Professional Engineer, including holding the position of Manager of the City Building Standards Department for twenty years. Through this work, he has gained extensive experience in budgeting, legal procedures, and policy development which was acquired through management of commercial building issues. Garry has explored an art practice through music performance and composition for television and dance. He has been a board member on the parent group of his family’s local elementary school, Marion McVeety; as well as a board member for Youth Ballet and Contemporary Dance Sask. (YBCS). He has been most recently studying at the University of Regina towards an MFA degree in an interdisciplinary program of Expanded Cinema and Sound Art. Garry has now been successful in the defense of the requirements for his degree and is awaiting convocation at the next ceremony. He has had involvement with Neutral Ground through many of the artists events as well as the monthly Dorkbot jams.