November 4, 2017

Canada's Rectangle: Jaye Kovach, W/H/E/N/G/O/D/C/L/O/S/E/S/A/D/O/O/R/I/S/M/A/S/H/H/I/S/W/I/N/D/O/W/W/I/T/H/A/B/R/I/C/K

Canada's Rectangle: Jaye Kovach performance


Saturday, November 4th @ 12pm

Jaye Kovach, one of the featured artists in our current exhibition, Canada's Rectangle, performs over the course of the afternoon. This is a come-and-go event.

Jaye Kovach is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Although her practice centres the performative she also makes small objects – custom synthesizers, patches, and prints - and gives hand-poked tattoos. She often thinks about being a Crazy trans woman, growing up in a small town, boundaries, the illusion of community, & tangible support/$upport.

Kovach received her BFA from the University of Regina in 2013. She plays guitar in Homo Monstrous, Regina’s only queercore fantasy band, and records anxious noise pop under the name firestarter. She also hosts the Sour Hour, a monthly radio show highlighting the work and voices of women and feminine-identified artists on CJTR 91.3 fm.

With thanks to The Junction Creative Studio for their assistance with this event.