May 13 - June 14, 2015

Salmon People

Julie Andreyev + Simon Lysander Overstall

Presented by SOIL Media Art & Technology and Neutral Ground in partnership with Videographe.

RECEPTION (Montreal):
4550, rue Garnier
Wednesay, May 13th, 6:30 p.m., artists in attendance.

4550, rue Garnier
Mercredi 13 mai 18 h 30, en presence des artistes

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Salmon People, generative audio video installation, 2014

Salmon People is a depiction of the intertwined worlds of humans and other animals. The project presents the salmons below-water point of view, combined with footage of the cityscape of Vancouver and surrounding waters. The soundscape, made up of recorded and synthesized sounds, alludes to a familiar yet strange other-world.

Salmon People depicts the survivors of the salmon cycle of life. After birth, most salmon die or are killed through a number of causes: natural predators eat them; logging disrupts their natural habitat; irrigation ditches confuse them; undissolved human sewage poisons them; turbine intakes at dams shred them; nitrogen-rich water on the downstream side of dams suffocates them; waste from pulp mills and chemical plants toxify them; warm and oxygen-depleted water created by industry asphyxiates them; fish farms put parasites, antibiotics and hormones in their way. The survivors, depicted here, swam for 3-4 years in the northern pacific, making a counterclockwise circular migration around the ocean. Once they decide to spawn they then traveled 40 to 90 miles a day to their spawning grounds. Salmon find their way back to their birthplace as individuals not as schools, and they find their particular birth-stream using scent-mind.

Salmon People recalls a story from the local First Nations Tsleil-Waututh (The People of the Inlet), describing salmon as having perseverance, patience and strength. The story relates how salmon people live in villages far away under the sea and return to the rivers yearly to visit the humans and their villages, where they are treated well.

In Salmon People, the project is programmed to be generative. The custom software determines the visual arrangement and soundscape generated from an archive of video and sound clips. The resulting depiction is a constant combining and recombining into sea-land-scapea reminder of the shared ecologies of salmon and humans.

Production Team:
concept and editing: Julie Andreyev
custom software and sound design: Simon Lysander Overstall
salmon cinematographers: Elisa Ferrari, Paolo Pennuti
city cinematographer: Amanda Arcuri