May 21, 2016


Julie Andreyev
Simon Lysander Overstall

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From the Artist Statement

Art is an intensive practice that can explore new ways of seeing, thinking, sensing.1 EPIC-Tom (the performance) expands on new media performance by considering more-than-human creativity. The human and canine collaborative project was inspired by lived experiences shared together over time. The project's processes explored how aesthetics and ethics are interconnected when working with other animals. Computational techniques are examined for their potential to provide semblance on more-than-human sensing-thinking-feeling.2 Companion species teach us about more-than-human relating. This life-long affair involves paying attention, developing an awareness of expression and communication, and crafting appropriate responses. One species' expression and the other's response build reciprocal relatings of care, states of mind, love, companionship. Relational potentials are at the core of EPIC-Tom where human and canine creativities co-arise. Working interspeciesly necessitates post-anthropocentric approaches, rejecting unfreedom and exploitation for respectful processes that allow for willing participation benefiting all involved. For EPIC-Tom (the performance), ethics of care, biophilic attention, indeterminacy, deep listening, and improvisation are approaches we used. Motion capture, 3D rendering, live animation, and granular synthesis provide computational techniques to trace the canine expression explored in the work.

-Julie Andreyev