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Please note that the submissions deadline has passed. Please check back here for information about upcoming deadlines

Neutral Ground invites artists to submit proposals to the gallery for exhibitions or projects in visual, media and performance art. Neutral Ground's Programming Committee reviews proposals and selects artists for solo, multi-person, or group exhibitions, performances, or screenings.

Exhibiting artists receive CARFAC presentation rates. Neutral Ground provides promotional materials, documentation, staff/volunteer assistance, travel (up to $250 within SK; up to $1200 for national/international travel), accommodation, and shipping artworks one-way.

The submission deadline for 2017-2019 programming was May 19th, 2017. Artists are limited to one solo exhibition in a three year period. Work that has been shown previously in Regina will typically not be eligible.

Proposals for the New Music Concert Series may also be submitted year round.

Residencies are negotiated on a case by case basis and proposals are invited from artists internationally.

To qualify for University credit as an undergrad or at the graduate level as an Intern, proposals must be received well in advance of the semester.