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SOIL is a centre for research, creation and exhibition of new media fine art adjunct to Neutral Ground.

Projects take the form of solo and group installations, residencies (paid and self-directed), open and curated production/creation. We accept submissions year round, artist fees are paid and a travel budget is provided to visiting artists from outside of Regina or Canada.

To apply for University course credit or for graduating exhibitions from the U of R, please contact the Director well in advance.

  • Facilitate artistic creation by providing access to technological resources in the context of fine arts practices and discourses.

  • Support projects designed to exhibit, distribute, or perform new media works using art galleries and other public spaces or digital telecommunications systems.

  • Provide professional development and access to cultural resources for new media artists in Saskatchewan.

  • Develop new and knowledgeable audiences for new media practices in Regina by increasing public involvement with and understanding of work using new technologies.

  • Facilitate research and development of the art form of new media and technology-based artistic practices.

  • Promote contact between artists, technicians and specialists.

  • Foster exchange between artists in different geographical communities.

  • Broaden the theoretical, technical and artistic knowledge in the field of media art through multiple lines of programming, research and curation.

  • Introduce new ideas about contemporary artistic practices that use new technologies.

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New Media Histories; SOIL Media Art & Technology

Originating at Neutral Ground in 1997, Soil embarked on a responsive survey of new media trends and developments that reflected activities in local artists' practice and in the broader milieu, each informed by curatorial and practice led research.

In its 16 year history, these forms of projects have been produced and presented by guest and local artists;

Survey of new media formats:
  • Net art

  • Immersive Environments: Installation Art & Digital Projection

  • Robotics

  • Sound Art

  • Art and Science

  • Live Art & Performing Technology

  • Interactive Screens & Environments

  • Radio Astronomy

  • Physical Computing

  • Locative Media

  • Web 2.0/Web 3.0

  • Expanded Cinema

  • Virtual Animation

  • Glitch
Thematic concerns engaged:
  • Diverse Cultural Identities

  • Women and Technology

  • Emotional Mapping

  • Connectivity

  • Globalism

  • Relational Aesthetics and Performance

  • Popular Culture

  • Archives

  • Telepresence

  • The History of New Media

  • Audio as Technology

  • Entertainment & Industry
  • Exhibitions

  • Public Art

  • Touring, Circulation

  • Residencies

  • Paid Internships

  • Introductory and Intensive workshops & user groups

  • Curated and Open Production

  • Equipment Access

  • Co-production and Partnership

  • Publishing

  • Media Literacy; Lectures, talks, symposia, research