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Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum About & History

Neutral Ground is an artist-centred gallery that develops and exhibits original visual and media art projects. Launched in 1982, Neutral Ground was formed to advance the artistic concerns of professional Canadian artists with an emphasis on contributing to a context for new and experimental artworks and ideas shaped by social forces and currencies in the art world. We provide a forum for the production and exhibition of contemporary art and transdisciplinary practices with a view to further developing the art forms represented.

The centre accomplishes its artistic goals through a rigorous program of exhibitions, screenings, performances, residencies, commissioned works, a media lab, concert series, and publishing projects. The centre promotes knowledge and understanding of contemporary art and issues by engaging audiences with new modes of artistic production through it�s visiting artist and curator programs that provide interaction between the community and audiences. Educational programs run concurrently with professional development initiatives to influence or stimulate new project creation and public access to complex ideas and research.

The centre maintains an biannual call for submissions for artists working in all media. The Board and Director also assume active roles in programming, soliciting projects and curating group exhibitions in order to ensure representation from diverse cultural voices and an articulated demonstration of the vision.

Neutral Ground is incorporated provincially in Saskatchewan and registered federally as non-profit charity. We acknowledge funding and operational support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the City of Regina, Sask Lotteries Trust, Sask Culture, the Department of Canadian Heritage, private donors and sponsors, and, by the activities of member-driven committees, volunteers, local professionals, our trans-local and local organizational partners and collaborators.


Neutral Ground strives to cultivate a forum for artists to develop professional opportunities and engagement with their audiences. Exhibitions and programs are highly responsive to the fluid transformations of artistic practices as they are shaped by social, political and economic forces in the context of currencies in the art world. The gallery fosters the emergence of new artistic genres and voices; historical, interpretive and essential critical dialogue, and research towards shaping the role of the artist in society.

Performance Art

Neutral Ground has included Performance as part of its regular program since its inception in 1982. We have worked in various formats to determine the best way to support an ongoing performance program including as a series, in festival format, as a touring program or in response to a thematic premise.

The program has been based on solo performances including through installation either off-site or in the gallery space(s).

The program is international with an additional objective to connect and develop local artists� practices.

The gallery pays for travel, accommodation, artist fees consistent or above the CAR/FAC levels, promotion, per diem and contributes to production expenses.

SOIL Media Art & Technology was Neutral Ground�s long-term project in new media art technology. Launched in 1997 as an adjunct gallery program, SOIL�s mandate provides access to equipment and funding resources for artists practicing at the intersection of the fine arts and technology.

The lab and gallery facilities support the creation of new projects. Programming both anticipates and responds to the impact of new technologies in the field of communications, politics, economics and the arts to evolve a critical arts practice based in digital and technological processes.

Dorkbot Regina is Neutral Ground's new media collective in residence. New media practitioners can benefit from user group meetings structured on a drop in basis the last Saturday of every month from 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
Contact Ryan Hill,, for further information.